I help first generation immigrant women break free of cultural expectations & take charge of their lives

~6 Months Premiere Coaching~

1:1 Private Coaching 

Let's work together and break free of the cultural expectations that are holding you back so you can take charge of your life with ease and confidence.

This is your all inclusive 6-Month transformation experience. We are going on a journey of a lifetime; one that will enable and empower you to create your dream life filled with happiness & joy!

No more people pleasing. No more guilt or "feeling bad". No more using externalities to feel fulfilled. No more immigrant guilt. 

Every week we will meet for a 90-minute private ZOOM call. This is truly your session in which we will  work through the blocks that are holding you back. 

At the end of the session, you will receive a customized assisted journal, meditation and video that will help guide you through your transformation.

At the end of the 6-month program there is a private retreat exclusively for my clients where we will connect and build a sisterhood like you have never seen before! 

~Monthly Coaching Program~

1:1 Private Coaching

If you're not sure you can commit to an 6 month program, there is a monthly option. 

We will meet every week for 90-minute private ZOOM call. 

At the end of the session you will receive a meditation to guide your journey. 

~Single Coaching Session~

1:1 Single Coaching Call 

Is there something that you want to talk through? Somewhere in life that you are feeling activated?

Book a single 90-min ZOOM call and we will walk through whatever is going on!



"Karishma made me feel very safe and supported in my journey. It was incredibly easy to open up to her and I felt she was empathic and incredible kind in listening to my issues. I was surprised by how understanding and easy it was to open up about some of the darker things that I have kept secret from some of the closest people in my life. She made it easy to connect and trust and feel grounded to find comfort in her responses even if they pushed me out of my comfort zone. I love how she never showed any judgement and never made me doubt her expertise in the curriculum. She literally had a response or corrective action or supportive antecdote for any problem I threw at her - including my natural resistance to change. I don’t think I could have found the strength or courage to make significant changes without her support and awareness. She has a good blend of subject matter expertise and also confidant who can relate and makes it easy to open up. She has a special gift! "

"I learned about how I make decisions and better ways to be more connected with my body. KD also reminded me to follow my passion and start doing the things I love. "

"Karishma really listened to the way I spoke about my situation and was able to catch on to the nuances in my speech. Her language was positive and empowering and she was able to keep me grounded by asking me where I felt things in my physical body so I could consciously let go and continue. She mediated the conversation so I wasn't too emotional to hear her advice. I loved that I left the session with practical resources that I was excited to incorporate because they felt individualized to me."

"I learned about how I make decisions and better ways to be more connected with my body. KD also reminded me to follow my passion and start doing the things I love. "