Breathwork is the #1 Healing Modality in the World!

Get a handle of your anxiety.



Have you tried literally everything in the book to get your brain and anxiety to just STOP? Meditating, apps, classes, & therapy--nothing has worked?!


Are you tired of not having the tools to integrate in your daily life when you are actually EXPERIENCING anxiety?


Does it feel like you have no one to talk to who understands where you are coming from?!

Imagine living your life in pure bliss, calm & peace

The world needs more of us to harness our power through the energy of love, calm, joy, peace instead of fear, guilt, shame & suffering.


Anxiety & stress is a subset of fear.

It's a state when we think we are in danger.

Just think about how stress and anxiety shows up in your body: tense neck/back/shoulders, your jaw clenching, tightness in your chest--and sometimes it can be debilitating.

As humans, we are SUPPOSED to experience a range of emotionality! 

Happiness, saddness, joy, anger is all a part of the human experience!

We are so used to NOT expressing ourselves and it resides in our bodies as anxiety. 

Often times we think that external things can bring us that calm, peace, joy, life purpose that we crave, but in reality, it exists within ourselves!

The truth is we need a radical shift in the way we relate to ourselves and our bodies. 

I suffered from chronic anxiety for years.

The only thing I ever remotely felt was numb. There was always another panic attack around the corner and I never felt fully rested.

All I ever wanted was my mind to turn off!

I could recognize when my thoughts were spiraling, but I didn't know how to prevent it from happening.

I was tired of living in guilt, shame, fear, worry, anger and just wanted to find peace, my higher purpose and enjoy life--but at the time it seemed impossible.

Why was I constantly fearful, thinking about the future, working over time and staying up at night?

I tried to find happiness through work, friends, drinking...but the problem wasn't what was happening outside of me, it was what was happening within me.

I had to completely re-learn myself & I was scared. 

I felt like I had no one to talk to &  that would understand me.

I tried meditating, therapy, changing my diet, and doing distracting things (that got my mind off it for a little while) but all that was just temporary.

Then I found breathwork.

Who knew that something I took for granted EVERY DAY would be the thing that healed me completely and helped me to shift my old patterns, stories and beliefs and FINALLY live a life of freedom, bliss & joy?

It can be daunting to go deep within ourselves, because it seems that we will be stuck in the darkness...but, my love, when we change our relationship to pain it becomes our greatest POWER!

It helped that I had a close group of people I could be vulnerable with & a mentor that truly understood where I was coming from. 

It was here that I created Breathwork & Breakthroughs. A small group experience: a place to be vulnerable with each other through the healing process.

This program only has 10 spots for a reason! To create an intimate, non-judgmental setting.


Sooo why breathwork?

  • When you use the breath in an intentional way it allows the mind to relax and settle into an energy of peace & calm.
  • Breathwork allows us to immediately drop into our bodies and shift old stories and beliefs within minutes! 
  • It is the #1 healing modality in the WORLD that has been used by many ancient civilizations as a healing tool to release trauma and built up emotions in the body. 
  • You will unearth the parts of you that needs love, healing and have the ability to fully transcend your body! 
  • Unlike meditation, breathwork gives you a specific thing to focus on: your breath, drops into your subconscious and allows you to build safety within yourself. 


A certified Life Coach  & PAUSE Breathwork Facilitator that is here to support you on your healing journey.

My signature live group experience is all about creating a safe, non-judgmental space for you to fully release your emotions in a healthy way so that you can live life free of anxiety.

To be right there with you, coach and assist you with whatever breakthrough comes up for you during our session together.  

I will be teaching you my PEACEFUL framework so that you have and can integrate tools that work in your every day life

The truth is most of the time we don't feel safe in our bodies, we don't feel safe to feel, we don't feel safe to express. 

Change your relationship to emotionality, safety, and yourself.


Does This Resonate?

  • You people please due to fear of driving people away
  • You procrastinate & then continuously hustle to the point of burnout
  • You hustle for your worth & consider yourself an overachiever
  • You strive for perfection
  • You suffer from disturbed sleep patterns
  • You are unable to relax due to racing thoughts
  • You stay overly busy because you are afraid to say no
  • You use externalities such as drinking as a coping mechanism
  • Current events and news leaves you feeling highly stressed and anxious

About the B&B Experience

What would you pay to be free of your anxiety?

8 weekly 2-hour long Workshops over the course of 2 months diving deep into topics like:

  • The science of presence & why it's challenging for us to achieve
  • Using emotionality to the benefit of your overall health 
  • The root of your anxiety, why it exists and what you can do about it
  • What it means to be truly connected to yourself and make intuitive decisions without fear
  • The role energetics plays in your life & how it will relieve your anxiety once you learn to master it fully
  • Understand your younger self and the connection to perfectionism & overachieving 
  • What it means to forgive yourself and others without resentment, annoyance & anger
  • Normalize your range of emotions and understand how to healthily release 
  • Harness your true power and fully step into it to live the life you deserve
  • What it means to have courage and how to integrate that into your life without stress, anxiety or fear
  • Alleviating panic attacks and/or extreme lethargy

I’ve invested HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in my own personal and spiritual development and will be POURING that into you. 

I wouldn't be here without a community, coaches & mentors. I would be HONORED to help you on your journey and empower you to live your best DAMN life free of anxiety and stress.

The world needs more of us to step into our FULL power and potential so that you can be the best version of yourself AND positively impact those around you. 

When #1 (you) aren't taken care of first then you literally cannot take care of anyone else around you.

Imagine spending another year living your life anxiety-ridden, wasting time Googling ways to TRY and alleviate your anxiety... only to find another temporary solution. If that worked, you wouldn’t be here right now.

Frankly, it's easy to get lost in the sea of information out there... BUT We are ALL unique.

And the TRUTH is there is no one-size fits all solution.

But there is a solution that is perfect for you, if you take the time to learn it and give yourself the compassion to understand it.

Now imagine spending the next two months...

  • Being curious about your anxiety and getting to the root of it all

  • Creating an undeniable connection to yourself
  • Stepping into your power and worth so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of

  • Being introduced to key concepts that would’ve taken you DECADES to learn on your own.

  • Being supported by people that understand you and are on this journey with you--that are willing to be vulnerable with you & having that person who has BEEN there and overcome it creating that safe and supported space for you to truly heal

That’s the power of being part of the Breathwork & Breakthroughs Group Experience

It’s a way to speed track relieving your anxiety and getting the exact coaching and connection you need for the life YOU want to lead.

Most importantly, when you become a better YOU, you can be better to those around you: family, friends, co-workers, community

At one time I thought everyone else was the problem, until I took RESPONSIBILITY & ownership for myself. Life used to be HARD, CHALLENGING, DEPRESSING, but now it's FUN, CALM, JOY, PEACE, PURPOSEFUL.

Want that too?





  • Weekly 2 Hour Live Calls
    Every week we will be exploring a new topic on your healing journey and you will be coached through whatever comes up for you
  • Take Home Integrative Exercises
    It's not over once the call is over, I give you exercises weekly that you can integrate into your daily life--anytime or hour of the day
  • Personalized Journal Prompts
    Everyone's breakthrough is going to be different, so of course the homework can't be the same. You'll get something to reflect on for the week that's personalized for you 
  • Unlimited Access 
    I know you are going to have questions that come up for you during the week, that's why we will have a private 1:1 Voxer setup just for me & you
  • Partner Work
    Assigned partners so that you don't feel alone during our time apart and have a partner to do the work with
  • Private Group
    AND IT'S NOT ON FACEBOOK--a place to call our own where we can share what comes up for us during the week




Whoa! Did you think that was it?

I want to make this absolutely worth your while.

I've decided to throw in bonuses that I wish I had access through while overcoming my own chaos. Since this is my beta class these are my gifts to you!

You'll also receive:

  • The PAUSE Breathwork App FREE for 30 days
  • Access to my 8-week online coaching class 
  • Free entrance to any workshops that I hold during our time together
  • A bonus 1:1 session with me for any questions/concerns you have during this journey
  • Access to all my music playlists

Total additional value: $3K
So you're getting:

  • Weekly coaching calls + breathwork circle (my only coaching deal of the season, value of 10k!)

  • Integrative Exercises & Personalized Journaling (worth 5k alone!)

  • Unlimited 2-month access to me (worth 10k alone)

  • B&B-only Group -- Not on FB (worth 5k alone)

  • Partner Work (priceless!)

  • My 8-week personal development program (worth 5k alone)

This group experience is application only, as we are curating a safe space for those who are truly there to heal and support one another. If that is you, apply below!


"Thoroughly enjoyed my session with Karishma. I felt that I was able to achieve a connection to my subconscious. It felt very therapeutic. The session very much like a hypnotherapy session. "


"After I was done with this breath work session I felt very proud of myself. I felt lighter, calmer, a sense of peace and clarity. I felt like I didn't give up on myself. I'm glad I had someone I trusted to guide me through my first "successful" breath work session. "


"Karishma is such a great facilitator. She has a calm, trustful, authentic presence that puts you at ease. She made sure I understood what to expect and made me feel completely supported throughout the entire experience. I'm not sure how she did it, but she knew EXACTLY where to support me with physical touch & presence without any verbal guidance. She explained before hand what sensations I may experience and what was normal and reassured me she'd be there every step of the way. I really loved the theme, message, mantra as well as the very soothing, yet powerful music she played. There is no doubt Karishma is going to help so many people with her gifts"