Hi, I'm Karishma

Trauma Informed Breathwork Coach

Helping you heal generational trauma through breathwork, coaching & energetics

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✨ Build Healthy Boundaries | ✨ Improve Romantic and Family relationships |  ✨ Understand your Triggers

The Coaching Program

A 6-week online self-paced course, hyper-focused on generational trauma and reconnection to ancestry wisdom, magic & guidance 

Six Recorded Modules + Bonus Content

Every week you'll receive a new video module, a recording to a previous live coaching call and two bonus weeks


Guided Workbooks & Handouts

Along You'll receive weekly workbooks that will guide you every step of the way and help you decipher your specific trauma

Embodiment Practices

Over 7+ embodiement practices released weekly including breathwork, intuitive movement and/or meditation practices that will help you go deeper into your healing 


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Imagine Six Weeks from now... 

  • Healing deep family, ancestral and lineage wounds
  • Improving friend, family and romantic relationships
  • Breaking the pre-existing trauma cycles that have been in your family for generations 
  • Understanding your triggers and creating healthier boundaries
  • Connecting into and leveraging the gifts, wisdom and healing passed down from your ancestors
  • Having clarity around your life purpose
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Claire V.

"I decided to work with Karishma because I was experiencing trauma that I had seen many specialists for but no one could pinpoint. Immediately Karishma knew that there was a high chance that this was generational trauma. I had already been doing inner child work, but this went deeper than that. We went back some generations and were able to pinpoint what was going on. It was truly unbelievable. After doing this work with her I felt a lightness in my heart and was at ease with the root of my true trauma. I am able to get along with my family, my brothers and truly feel more compassionate towards my significant other and friends. The best part is I haven't felt the same symptoms that I was feeling when I first came to see her. I highly recommend Karishma's coaching! It was life changing!"

Why Generational Trauma?


Many times our flight/fight/freeze trauma responses aren't our own, yet they debilitate us
It is scientifically proven that when your grandmother was five months pregnant with your mother/father, your mother's eggs & your father's sperm was already developed in the womb
This means that you were already in "existence" for generations prior to your birth
It matters because due to a breakthrough in the field of epigenetics (DNA studies), it has been shown that stress, anxiety and PTSD-like symptoms can be passed down from generation to generation
Therefore, it's common for us to have heightened fear/stress/anxiety/trauma-like symptoms without knowing why 
Enter generational trauma
This generational trauma coaching program is designed to get to the root of the issue and will help you process the emotions and weight of your family lineage
Through a combination of ancient eastern wisdom, science and western techniques you will learn a new approach and be given tools to help alleviate the physical/emotional symptoms that you are currently experiencing


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Aimee W.

"Karishma really listened to the way I spoke about my situation and was able to catch on to the nuances in my speech. Her language was positive, empowering and inquisitive. She was able to keep me grounded by asking me where I felt things in my physical body so I could consciously let go and continue. She mediated the conversation so I wasn't too emotional to hear her advice. I loved that I left coaching every week with practical resources that I was excited to incorporate into my everyday life because they were individualized to me."

This Coaching Program is for you if... 


  • You resent your familial relationships and find yourself feeling guilty or burdened by them
  • You feel guilty when you don't do what your family wants 
  • You're triggered or angry when you're around your family and want to figure out a different method of handling your emotions 
  • You see family patterns in yourself that you want to break 
  • You feel held hostage by your family and do what they want instead of what you want 
  • The wounds from your mother/father/culture/family bleed into your friendships and romantic relationships 
  • You feel lost and purposeless, like no one around you understands 
  • Your heart feels wounded and heavy but you don't know why 
  • You grew up in an environment that wasn't conducive to your growth
  • You've already voiced boundaries with your family but they still don't abide by them, so you're constantly in comparison mode and inner judgement of self 
  • You're ready for a deeper relationship to your ancestry
  • You want to energetically release any familial trauma and karma that resides within your system
  • You've been interested in this work, but have no idea where to begin
  • Maybe you're adopted and have no idea where to begin 
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Karishma's Background & Qualifications

I help women of all backgrounds heal their generational trauma through coaching, breathwork & energetics so that they can connect to the magic, wisdom & power of their ancestry

I am a board-certified trauma-centered life coach and breathwork facilitator. I'm also certified in Vedic energy healing, chakra studies & meditation guidance 

I come from a lineage of natural healers, Ayurvedic doctors and medicine women which I integrate into my coaching programs. I have learned from world renowned healers, doctors, coaches and facilitators who's teachings I am honored to bring into my work

When I teach, I ensure that all my clients understand and respect the origins of this sacred work to properly receive the blessings of our ancestors

From the guidance of my own ancestors, spirit guides and angels it is my honor to help you heal so that you can live your life through your soul's highest expression

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